So we’ve got to the end of August. It’s quiet, yet at the same time anything but. There is so much stuff happening at home that it’s a struggle to focus on what’s important. Which is getting a job.

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The End

So, it’s now May. University, except for one small presentation, is finished.

It’s a strange feeling really, many people at this stage would have a job lined up for when they graduate, or would be planning to seek one with their free time. At the moment, my plan is to just enjoy the next month or so leading up to Graduation. My reasonings for this are that once I have graduated, I’ll be looking for a job and/or going back to Starbucks in the hope that they’ll take me in back home.

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2013, what an interesting year you will be.

For many of you, 2013 may hold new ventures, repetition of earlier years, or anything in between; but for me, it is the biggest uncertainty I have faced in my life so far. I’ll be graduating from University in July, and genuinely have no idea where I’ll be going next. Even just the thought of it is enough to make me stressed! I have to find a job, find somewhere to live, and make sure that I can afford both sometime in August/September. This will be a bit of a challenge in the current economic climate, but I’m sure I’ll find something, even if it means I have to put up with it until another, greater opportunity presents itself in the future (which is what at least two people I know have done or are planning to do).

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